Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Silhouette Inspiration

Are any of you staying up all night to watch the Royal Wedding? I remember doing that years ago for the wedding of Charles and Diana (years later, I even married on the same date.) I know several people pulling all-nighters tonight and some having sleepovers. As for me, although I'm a night owl, I'm setting the DVR and plan to cozy up on the couch on Friday night with my daughter to watch it.

Of course, one of my favorite things surrounding the wedding has been all of the silhouettes. Here are some of my very favorites.

You can find them here: 

Silhouette Mug :: The House that Lars Built
Silhouette Hat :: Jardin De Fleur
Biscuit Tin :: Print and Pattern
Silhouette Plate :: Royal Stafford
Silhouette Plate: Wedgewood
Silhouette Clock :: Naked Decor
Silhouette Mug :: McLaggan Smith
Silhouette Cross-stitch :: Marie's Cross Stitch

If you're still looking for some more fun ways to celebrate, look here and here.  

Best wishes William and Kate. May you live happily ever after!

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