Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Holiday Gift to You

We were so excited when the folks from Parents and Family Circle Magazines approached us about developing a tutorial for our Silhouette Christmas Stockings to feature in their 100 Days of Holidays feature.  (You can sign up here to get access to coolest new gift ideas, festive recipes, and hosting tips.)

How cute would these look hung by your chimney with care?

You could make them for the whole family or give them as a Christmas gift to newlyweds or to celebrate a new baby. 

It's our first tutorial, but hopefully you can follow along (just leave a question in the comments if you have any questions.) And if you'd prefer to have us make one, you can always order yours here in our Etsy Shop. (Just get your order placed by December 6th.)

We were also thrilled to have them featured in a few of our other favorite blogs: WhipUp, One Pretty Thing and Cool Mom Picks

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