Monday, May 21, 2007

Tell Your Story

I came across these wonderful personalized blocks from Storyblox on Cool Mom Picks awhile back and loved them. On two of the sides, your child's name is spelled out in both upper and lowercase letters. That leaves the other four sides that you can fill with whatever (copyright-free) phrases, poems, songs, birth stats, etc., you can come up with and they'll split it up over the series of blocks.

The letters, numbers and symbols are painted on using stencils and a very durable indoor/outdoor, child safe, non-toxic paint. They'll even do custom colors for you. The text is applied toner ink (so no more dangerous than a photo copy). These blocks are VERY durable and will survive most any abuse that doesn't destroy the wood itself.

In addition to these name blocks, they can also make up Promo Blocks for your business, as we did here. People just go nuts for them everytime they see them.

Check out Storyblox today.

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